INEX visits Chameria

The first week of July 2017, INEX president Yohan Byrde and the vice-president Jeroen Zandberg travelled to Albania and Greece to meet with Chamerian representatives and lay the groundwork for the campaign to garner international support for the plight of the Chamerian people.

The delegation met with various representatives, attended a conference and participated in a cultural event by the Cham people in Southern Albania. Furthermore, the delegation met with survivors of the expulsion of Cham people from Greece during World War II. The series of interviews with these survivors who could still give a first-hand eyewitness account of the atrocities, forms an important knowledgebase for future generations as well as for the immediate campaign to get the Cham issue on the political agenda.

In 1994, the Albanian government declared the expulsion and killings during World War II of the Cham a genocide against the Cham-Albanian people. A memorial was subsequently erected. Each year on the 27th of June this event is commemorated. The INEX delegation was able to visit the memorial in Konispol, Albania. The delegation also visited Northern Greece to see the various historical buildings and houses of the Cham people who were driven out during World War II.

During this fact finding mission, the INEX delegation was able to compile a dossier and set up a network for its international advocacy campaign.

A report of the mission will be available soon as well as transcripts and videos of the interviews.

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